Sjöröd is the Southern Scania’s scout district’s camp area, located at beautiful Österlen.

We arrange camps, summer camps, courses and events for all Scouts, but also for other tenants, such as school classes and other groups. Our concept of ”camp weeks” is an attempt to offer scout troops a foundation for a good camp at a reasonable price.

Sjöröd is located just outside Simrishamn at the shore of Lake Gyllebo. The lake are utilized extensively for a relaxing dip now and then. At the lake’s north end is a swimming area with sandy beach and a kiosk.

In and around the camp area, there are a incredibly beautiful and varied landscape. We strongly recommend a trip on our pioneering track to experience what the beautiful Sjöröd has to offer.

The Sjöröd basics

The camp area has everything a scout needs to enjoy an incredible camping experience, there are endless things to see and experience. At Sjöröd we constantly strive to renew our programme, and of course you are always welcome with your own suggestions and requests!

The proximity to Lake Gyllebo’s lovely water combined with the beautiful meadows, lush forests and proximity to Simrishamn and other Österlen means that the opportunities never end for what can be done.

The area is about 10 hectares, of which 8 hectares consists of meadows suitable for camping and 2 hectares of forest. In addition, the leases are for a further 50 hectares.

The newly renovated main building is equipped with a catering capacity of about 100 people, a dining room of the same capacity and food management facilities equipped with ample cold rooms and freezer rooms, enabling distribution of food to the camp participants. The house is equipped with fixed broadband and telephony connections, as well as a public wireless network.

Adjacent to the main building is the old house, which tends to act as the camp caretaker base. Inside are office space and a basement with laundry facilities.

There are two patrol cabins with 12 beds in each located near the forest.

In both northern and southern end of the area are clean toilet buildings, on the north meadow with 14 seats and on the south with 16.

In a newly built house you’ll 12 more beds and a study room. In addition, a workshop and camp stores are found here.

In a separate building, there are three showers.

The area also offers the opportunity to take a bath in the hot tub or in our unique underground cellar sauna. In conjunction with the sauna is a stream that can be used to cool off in, should the sauna be too hot.