Shopping and coinage

Exchange information:

Cash and credit cards

Almost all Swedish shops accept both cash and cards, however for public transportation you are usually required to pay by card. The most used cards in Sweden are Visa and Mastercard

The Swedish currency is called kronor or Swedish kronors (SEK). Our coins are valued in 1 krona, 5 kronor and 10 kronor. Our notes are valued in 20 kronor, 50 kronor, 100 kronor, 500 kronor and 1000 kronor.

Prices in Sweden

Sweden is a fairly expensive country, scoring a Big Mac Index at USD 6.56.

Tip, bargaining and stuff

In Swedish restaurants there is an unwritten rule that says that if you are pleased with your experience at the restaurant you should tip 10% of the total fee. But you can of course tip as much as you want, or nothing at all if your unpleased with your meal.

Sweden doesn't have a tradition of bargaining, but is ok to try bargaining at markets, etc. Never try to baragin at the grocery store or super market. You may be asked to leave.

VAT and taxes

In Sweden, the VAT is paid at purchase. VAT rates are 25% for goods and services, and 12% for food.