Outside Sjöröd

If Sjöröd's stunning camp site feels a bit too small, we can offer help booking activities, even outside the area. Examples include:

  • Fishing licenses in Lake Gyllebo
  • Trolley cycling between St. Olof and Gyllebo

In addition, it is perfectly fine to go hiking. We have proposals for suitable hiking routes and are happy to help with the planning of new, according to your wishes!

During the summer months, the rest of Österlen is well worth a visit. Besides all the nice scout troops, there are plenty of attractions here. Some examples:

Stenshuvud National Park, home to some 150 endangered animal and plant species. Does even a mythical "mountain" which measures the highest peak 97 meters above sea level. At the foot of the mountain is different cafe offering a cookie buffet where you can eat all you want at a fixed price.

Ales stenar and Kåseberga port. Ancient controversial remains with magnificent sea views. The marina offers smoked fish and other delicacies.

Glimmingehus, Scandinavia's best preserved medieval castle. Construction started in 1499 and today you can be impressed by the guarantor grandeur! Guided tours are organized both daytime and during evenings.

Museum railroad between St. Olof and Brösarp. Disused railway which is operated by an steam engine!

The Hasse and Tage museum. Tribute to Hasse and Tage's movie adventure in Österlen. Available in Tomelilla and considered the world's smallest museum.

Brösarps Backar, grand views that invite to both walks and picnic. Runs of Skåneleden.

Christionehof's eco park. Re-created wetlands in Tomelilla municipality. Highly diverse and interesting both for coffee eager hikers and bird watchers.

Sträntemölla, located between Rörum and Östra Vemmerlöv. Very beautiful trails!