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Here you will find all the contact information necessary to rent Sjöröd or to request further information.

Rental of Sjöröd

The rental of Sjöröd is handled by our district office. Postal and street address to the district office is:
Södra Skånes scoutdisrikt
Studentgatan 4 plan 3
211 38 Malmö
Telephone (+46)40-6226023

Questions about the camp school activity

For questions and reservations of camp schools, please contact Johan Holmberg.
You can reach him at (+46)739-36 74 12 or For any other questions, please contact our district office (see above).

Questions about this web site

Responsible for this site's content and functionality are Johan Holmberg and Håkan Kvist. If you have questions or comments about the website, you can reach them at

Stoves (Johanna Mårtensson)