About camp weeks

A camp week at Sjöröd is supposed to be easy. As a leader or officer of a troop, you should be able to let go of all the hard stuff and focus on what's important - namely, how you want to set up your camp. Then Sjöröd is taking care of the rest.

Our camp area has all the facilities you may need when you are at camp. We have great camping meadows, toilets, slats, wood, food handling and distribution, kiosk, jetty and a bit further away even a spa area, obstacle courses, camp fires and shelter locations. In short - Sjöröd can offer the most you may need

Tents (Johanna Mårtensson)

When you have arrived and settled down, our programme services takes over. The main part of the programme on Sjöröd is of the kind that you carry out on your own, together with your scouts. We provide material and instructions. Some activities will need to be implemented at a specific location, such as middle-of-dot or the cooperation path, but most people can carry it around. Why not take the circus box down to the beach or ponder on the treasure hunt in the village?

When you are hungry you will probably get in touch with our food staff. These are the ones who plans, orders and distributes the food here at Sjöröd. On a couple occasions during the day, you can collect the food which you then cook yourself at the village. If you need help with special orders, such as ingredients for a birthday cake, they also take care of that. Of course we also do everything we can to solve special food when necessary, just let us know in good time.

Sjöröds services include accommodation, programs and food. The work that is left for you as a leader is to solve transportation to the camp area, think about which materials your troop need to bring and if the troop should have its own approach to their camp stay. The camp site arranges no common programs such as opening or camp fires. It is up to each troop to figure out themselves how they want it. Sjöröd is also happy to help you get in touch with others who visit us at the same time.

You are most welcome to our camp site!